The University of Arizona

Shock-induced melting, recrystallization, and exsolution in plagioclase from the Martian lherzolitic shergottite GRV 99027

Deqiang Wang, Ming Chen


Plagioclase in the Martian lherzolitic shergottite Grove Mountains (GRV) 99027 was shocked, melted, and recrystallized. The recrystallized plagioclase contains lamellae of pyroxene, olivine, and minor ilmenite (<1μm wide). Both the pyroxene and the olivine inclusions enclosed in plagioclase and grains neighboring the plagioclase were partially melted into plagioclase melt pools. The formation of these lamellar inclusions in plagioclase is attributed to exsolution from recrystallizing melt. Distinct from other Martian meteorites, GRV 99027 contains no maskelynite but does contain recrystallized plagioclase. This shows that the meteorite experienced a slower cooling than maskelynite-bearing meteorites. We suggest that the parent rock of GRV 99027 could have been embedded in hot rocks, which facilitated a more protracted cooling history.


Plagioclase;Exsolution;Shock;Grove Mountains (GRV) 99027 Martian meteorites

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