The University of Arizona

Spectral reflectance of Martian meteorites: Spectral signatures as a template for locating source region on Mars

L. A. McFadden, T. P. Cline


We report the spectral reflectance of Martian meteorites from 0.3-2.6 microns for the purpose of cataloguing spectra and the association of their spectral properties with mineralogy and petrology. We fit the spectra to a series of overlapping, modified Gaussian absorptions using least squares fitting. The results are validated against established relationships between photon interactions with mineral chemistry and the band parameters. These resultant band parameters can be used to constrain interpretations of Martian reflectance spectra in the search for the source region of meteorites from Mars. The limitations of the fitting method are discussed.


MGM analysis;Meteorite reflectance;Martian meteorites

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