The University of Arizona

Laser-fusion 40Ar/39Ar Ages of Darwin Impact Glass

Ching-Hua Lo, Kieren T. Howard, Sun-Lin Chung, Sebastien Meffre


Three samples of Darwin Glass, an impact glass found in Tasmania, Australia at the edge of the Australasian tektite strewn field were dated using the 40Ar/39Ar single-grain laser fusion technique, yielding isochron ages of 796-815 ka with an overall weighted mean of 816 ± 7 ka. These data are statistically indistinguishable from those recently reported for the Australasian tektites from Southeast Asia and Australia (761-816 ka; with a mean weighted age of 803 ± 3 ka). However, considering the compositional and textural differences and the disparity from the presumed impact crater area for Australasian tektites, Darwin Glass is more likely to have resulted from a distinct impact during the same period of time.


Darwin impact glass;Laser fusion argon;Tasmania;40Ar/39Ar ages;isochron ages;impact crater

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