The University of Arizona

Variations in soil moisture content in a rangeland catchment.

R. Salve, B. Allen-Diaz


Soil water studies for California rangelands have focussed on near-surface hydrologic processes, limiting our understanding of spatial-temporal dynamics of the water regime below the root zone. Soil moisture content and potential were monitored for 16 months in 12 locations in an annual grass dominated 20 ha catchment. The data collected were analyzed by ANOVA to determine significant spatial and temporal differences in soil moisture. Further analysis identified variables that influenced the amount of moisture present at a particular subsurface location. It was determined that there were significant differences in the amount of soil moisture present along the vertical profile of each site and between sites. Soil texture, type of vegetation cover, and elevation were the significant variables that influenced the soil moisture status.



particle size analysis;soil profiles;trees;grassland soils;soil depth;evapotranspiration;vegetation types;rain;watershed hydrology;slope;aspect;soil water content;California;seasonal variation;rangelands;grasses;soil texture;altitude

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