The University of Arizona

Rotational stocking and production of Italian ryegrass on Argentinean rangelands.

E.J. Jacobo, A.M. Rodriguez, J.L. Rossi, L.P. Salgado, V.A. Deregibus


The decreased carrying capacity of Argentinian Flooding Pampa rangelands through the reduction of density of C3 grasses may be partially attributed to continuous stocking. The objective of this study was to evaluated the effectiveness of rotational vs. continuous stocking to improve winter forage production by incrementing the density of Italian ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum Lam.). Under rotational stocking, ryegrass seedlings established almost 2 months earlier in the fall and tiller density was 3-fold higher in winter than under continuous stocking. Aerial net primary productivity of C3 grasses was approximately 2-fold greater under rotational compared with continuous stocking in the first and second years. This substantial increase in winter productivity supported almost 2-fold increase in stocking rate (from 0.6 to 1.0 AU ha-1).



pampas;c4 grasses;c3 grasses;Lolium multiflorum;sown grasslands;continuous grazing;rotational grazing;range management;Argentina;rangelands;grasses;beef cattle

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