The University of Arizona

Surgical establishment of esophageal fistulae in suckling calves.

D.C. Adams, R.E. Short, J.A. Pfister, K.R. Peterson, D.B. Hudson


Esophageal fistulae were established in five 34-day-old suckling calves by a modified surgical procedure used previously for sheep and goats. After skin incision, the esophagus was exposed by separating the brachiocephalicus and sternocephalicus muscles. A cannula was inserted into the esophagus after a longitudinal incision was made into the lumen of the esophagus. Sutures were not used in the esophagus. The calves recovered quickly with moderate post-operative swelling. We concluded that the surgical procedure was satisfactory and that diets were collected readily and without fistulae shrinkage.


fistulation;calves;beef cattle

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