The University of Arizona

Vegetational response to short-duration and continuous grazing in southcentral New Mexico.

M.R. White, R.D. Pieper, G.B. Donart, L.W. Trifaro


Vegetational response of a nine-paddock, short-duration grazing cell was compared to that of a continuous pasture for a 5-year period in southcentral New Mexico. Differences in vegetational response to short-duration and continuous grazing on blue grama rangeland were small. Basal plant cover was slightly hither for the short-duration pastures, but end-of-season standing crop of all species was similar for both systems. Blue grama aboveground productivity and basal cover were higher for the short-duration pastures than for the continuously-grazed pasture. Possible short-term results from short-duration grazing include slightly higher stocking rates and a positive response of blue grama.


grazing time;vegetation cover;standing crop;stocking rate;pastures;vegetation;Bouteloua gracilis;biomass production;grazing intensity;cattle;biomass;range management;botanical composition;grazing;New Mexico

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