The University of Arizona

Economics of broom snakeweed control on the Southern Plains.

B.D. Carpenter, D.E. Ethridge, R.E. Sosebee


Revenues associated with controlling broom snakeweed (Xanthocephalum sarothrae) on 6 soils with heavy, moderate, and light infestations of snakeweed were estimated. The analysis considered economic returns associated with grass yield response and those from livestock efficiency gains. Results indicate that control of moderate and heavy infestations is generally economically feasible, but treatment of light infestations does not pay. The economic benefits from livestock efficiency gains are generally greater than the value of increased grass production.


poisoning;poisonous weeds;economic analysis;liveweight gain;weed control;Gutierrezia sarothrae;reproductive performance;chemical control;profitability;finishing;picloram;Texas;New Mexico;beef cattle;forage

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