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Marine Units on the "Ways Of Horus" in the Days Of Seti I

Orly Goldwasser, Eliezer Oren


Archaeological explorations along the North Sinai corridor unearthed two locally manufactured (fragmentary) vessels of early 19th Dynasty “beer jars” stamped with the cartouches of Seti I alongside a hieroglyph of a ship. A second example of a royal ship with the throne names of Seti I and Haremhab was recorded on an Egyptian amphora handle from a New Kingdom fortress elsewhere in this region. This evidence provides a new addition to the known list of royal ships or navel units as well as attesting to the deployment of marine contingents in land-based military activities on the “Ways of Horus” in North Sinai. These sealings contribute to a better understanding of imperial organization of the “Ways of Horus” system during the reign of Seti I and seemingly shed new light on the role played by Haremhab in reshaping Egypt’s foreign policy.


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